Darjeeling also known as “Queen Of The Hills” is a town in West Bengal. World’s third highest mountain Kanchenjunga is in Darjeeling which makes it a famous tourist destination. Darjeeling Himalayan Railways is included in World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is famous for its tea industry as well. Famous points of interest in Darjeeling are shown below.

Tiger Hill

Tiger hill is located in Darjeeling. It has a panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with Mt. Everest. Tiger hill is 11 km away from Darjeeling and you can reach there by car or by foot. The distance between Tiger Hill and Mt. Everest in a straight line is 172 km. The view from Tiger Hill is truly breath-taking.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoo

The zoo also known as Darjeeling Zoo is spread in 67.56 acre and was opened in 1958. The zoo was named after Sarojini Naidu’s daughter Padmaja Naidu. It is the largest high altitude zoo in India with the elevation of 7000 ft. Near about 3,00,000 tourists visit this zoo every year.The Mountaineering Institute also has a small zoological park that houses various species of Himalayan animals. It is famous for conservative breeding programmes of Tibetan Wolf, Red Panda, Snow Leopard and Himalayan Salamander.

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway also known as Toy Train was declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. It was buit between 1879 and 1881. Bollywood directors have long been using the Darjeeling Toy Train in their movies, mainly in song sequences So, if you ever plan to visit Darjeeling, this place is a must visit.

Japanese Peace Pagoda



Japanese Peace Pagoda is located in Darjeeling and was built under the guidance of a Buddhist monk from Japan named Nichidatsu Fujii. It was constructed in 36 months. It was designed to help people to find peace.


This place has a 1.25 km long beautiful lake which is surrounded by Dhupi trees. It has a big garden on the Eastern bank. You can have a mesmerising view of Kanchenjunga snow peaks from there. The temperature is mild in Mirik and never gets too cold. Furthermore, the area is surrounded by a lot of tea estates on slopes of mountain.

The Rock Garden

This places is recently added as a tourist destination in Darjeeling. This place was made to attract people to Darjeeling after political movement disrupted tourism in Darjeeling. It has sitting spaces at different levels and there’s a small lake also. As large number of tourists visit this place so it has tea stalls and snacks stalls also.

Ghum Monastery

This place is another tourist spot in Darjeeling. The monastery is famous for its 15 ft. tall statue of Maitreya Buddha or future Buddha. The external structure of the monastery was established in 1850 by famous Mangolian astrologer named Shrab Gyatso. It’s a must visit place in Darjeeling.

Tenzing rock

Tenzing rock was name after a man named Tenzing Norgay who created history by climbing the mount Everest in first attempt with Edmund Hillary in 1953. Tourists come here  for climbing with the help of guides. Opposite to this rock there is a Gombu Rock which was named after Tenzing Norgay’s nephew Nawang Gombu who was the first person to climb Mount Everest twice.

Mahakal Temple

Mahakal temple is on top of the hill. It’s a temple of lord Shiva and it is said that the shivlinga appeared itself in 1782 The way to this temple can be tiring but once you reach the temple you will have a great view right in front of you which makes this temple a must visit for tourists. There are monkeys roaming around just before the temple so don’t keep eatable items or anything loose because monkeys can snatch them.

Lloyd’s Botanical Garden

Tis garden was established in 1878 and was named after William Lloyd who provided land for this botanical garden. The garden has species like Wild geranium, oak, bamboo. It has vast collection of Orchids as well. This garden is open everyday except for Sundays. It’s a great attraction for tourists because the garden is so colourful and allows you to enjoy the beauty of various flora species.

St. Andrew’s Church

There is a church named as St. Andrew’s Church in Darjeeling. It is a popular attraction in Kalimpong.  It can also be visited if you ever plan to visit Darjeeling.




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