CHITTORGARH is located in South-east of RAJASTHAN and also known as the CITY OF PRIDE AND GLORY.This beautiful city is sirusitu on the banks of river Gambhiri and Berach.CHITTORGARH used to be the capital of THE SISODIA DYNASTY OF MEWAR and has a glorious Rajput History.So let’s start your tour of this beautiful historical city with some of these famous places like….

CHITTORGARH FORT:-This fort is one of the most popular and outstanding fort in India.It coverd approximately 700 acres and situated on the top of the hill.This fort is also known as WATER FORT,as it initially had about 84 water bodies. The fort has seven gateways that one has to be pass through to get in.The fort is surrounded by temples and exotics gardens which make tbis place more beautiful Thousands of tourists vidiv this imperial fort every year.So nust visit this aalishaan fort of CHITTORGARH.

VIJAYA STAMBH:-It is a nine storeyed tower and also known as VICTORY TOWER.This STAMBH was built by MAHARANA KUMBHA between 1458 and 1468 to commemorate his victory over SULTAN MAHMOUD OF MALWA.The work and architecture of this STAMBH is amazing.This nine storey tower offers some beautiful panoramic views of CHITTORGARH.So don’t skip and enjoy this lovely place.

MEERA TEMPLE:-This temple is dedicated to MEERA BAI.She was a RAJPUT Princess who gave up her royal life and devoted her Life to LORD KRISHNA.She was also a great poetess and her poetry was dedicated to LORD KRISHNA.This temple is a fine example of the architectural style of Rajputs.The dhun of MEERA BAI’S poetry is cinticontinu played in the temple at a soft volume.It nakesyyou feel the presence of MEERA BAI praying the deity.

PADMINI PALACE:-Rani PADMINI was extremely beautiful charming QUEEN and the second wife of RANA RATTAN SINGH RAWAL.It is the place where view of RANI PADMINI was glimpsed to ALLAUDDIN.Aftef entrance one will find towards left many small rooms and windows.The residence of charmingBeauty Queen ,might be the nobel example of the architecture.So must visit this magnificent place.

SANWARIYAJI TEMPLE:-This temple is situated 40 km. From the city and dedicated to LORX KRISHNA.The temple is constructed in purely Indian-Rajasthani architecture.The diety also known as SHRI SANWARIYA SETH because of its black dark skinned lord KRISHNA who is considered auspicious by many Hindu devotees.So you also must vusit tbis divine place.






Inshort, CHITTORGARH is an ideal place to spend summer vacations.So just plan to visit this RAJPUTANA city of RAJASTHAN.


Hope you like this city and my little information about this place.sooo enjoyyyy your vacations with your dears.



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